Summertime means people are out driving around. It might be on vacation or just having fun near home. Either way, situations come up that might require auto insurance. For example, does your car insurance cover rental cars? Is your trailer covered? How about damage caused by a stray golf ball? Let’s get the answers.

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Does Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

In many cases, your auto insurance carries over to any domestic rental car. So don’t say “yes” to extra insurance without checking with your car insurance carrier first. This is best done before you travel, that way you can print out any important documentation.

Remember, if your current insurance policy does not cover theft or other damages, your rental probably won’t be covered for these either. However, if you pay with a credit card, the credit card company may offer some additional coverage. Finally, if you are travelling overseas policies vary widely, so make sure you check well in advance and find out what coverage applies.

Types Of Rental Car Insurance

If you don’t have car insurance, or if you want to expand coverage for your rental car, you can choose from:

  • Loss-Damage Waiver – Covers damages to car and towing costs. This is usually the more expensive coverage.
  • Liability – Covers property damage and medical expenses for injured third parties.
  • Personal Accident Insurance – Covers medical costs for you and passengers in the rental car.
  • Persona Effects – Covers items left in the car in the event of break-in or car theft.

Does Car Insurance Cover Golf Ball Damage?

If your windshield gets cracked or a door gets dinged by a golf ball, your car insurance might cover the damages especially if you carry comprehensive coverage. But, you’ll still have to pay the deductible, which is how much you pay on any claim before the insurance kicks in.

Does Car Insurance Cover Towing A Trailer?

Many people these days hitch a trailer to their car to tow recreational items like ATVs, watercraft, or bicycles. Some car insurances include trailer insurance, but this coverage may only be partial. Plus, anytime you modify a vehicle (like adding a trailer hitch) it could affect your policy.

Call your provider before you set out, and make sure you have adequate coverage. Also, don’t forget to ask if what you are towing is covered. Your plan might only cover third party damages but not damages to your quad or boat.

Be Safe

Remember, accidents are more common during the summer months. Before you drive, be certain that your vehicle is working properly, and get plenty of rest before any long driving stretches. If you get tired, pull over and rest.

Take your time. Vacations are meant to relax and enjoy – not for getting stressed out and certainly not for getting into an accident.

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