Even though we usually think about how damaging winter can be to cars, the summer has its own dangers. What are the more common summer car problems? What can you do about them? Let’s find out.

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Avoid Heat Damage

When the mercury rises, your car feels it. Heat can affect the interior and even engine parts (hoses, belts, etc.). Besides parking in the shade, here are some more tips to protect your car from heat damage:

  • If possible, avoid driving during the hottest time of day (12 noon – 3 p.m.)
  • Keep dash and leather upholstery conditioned with protective products
  • Check your car’s coolant level and fill promptly if low
  • Use a windshield sun shade
  • Consider tinted windows (this may not be legal in all states, so check first)
  • If your car lives outside, consider a reflective car cover

Avoid Salt & Sand Damage

Salt? Isn’t that a winter problem? Summer road trips often lead to the beach. The salt in the air can also penetrate your car, especially the underside. Some places even allow you to drive on the beach, like at Daytona. Now while this might sound like fun, keep it to a minimum. The sand kicking up under your car can be very damaging.

Pat Goss suggests that you wash underneath your car when you get back from the beach. If you don’t want to go for a professional wash, simply set up a lawn sprinkler (set on high) under your car.

Open The Sunroof, Crack The Windows

If you have a sunroof, open it up when you first get in a hot car. Since heat rises, the sunroof is the best way to let built up heat escape until the AC cools down the cabin.

Consider opening the windows, just a bit, while parked. Even half an inch can significantly help ventilation while the car is parked for long periods.

Clean The Outside

Grime and dirt get baked onto your car faster in hot weather. So keep it clean with frequent washing. Keep a bottle of bug and tar removal solution handy. You’re sure to find dried tar, bird droppings, and bugs on your bumpers, doors, and side panels.

The quicker you clean things off, the less likely they’ll leave a permanent mark. Also, dry your windows with newspaper. This avoids streaking and makes good use of the paper.

Clean The Inside

In a similar manner, the interior should be kept clean. Make a habit of doing a quick scan of the interior. Gum, crayons, or candy left in the car can melt and ruin your seats or carpet. Also, containers with liquids or sunscreen may pop open or burst if the temperature becomes hot enough.

Keep your car clean and happy and have a great summer!

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