Never heard of telematics? Well, if not, it won’t be long before you do The digital technologies behind GPS, smartphones, and the Internet are all combining to dramatically change the car owner experience. It will even affect how extended auto warranties are handled. Let’s find out how.

It’s Like A Sixth Sense

Image you are cruising along the highway and suddenly you get an alert that a vehicle is approaching quickly from behind – at 110 mph to be exact. So you wisely pull into the right hand lane and let the daredevil pass. Sound like fantasy? Well it might not be in the near future. Today’s cars already have advanced sensors and alerts, however, we have just begun to take advantage of the available technology.

The downside, if any, of advanced car technology, is that it invites the possibility of tech breakdown. However, a good protection plan can cover those repair costs.

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The Future Of Car Repairs

The next time your “check engine” light comes on, it might be from your cell phone. Then with your onboard GPS you can choose from a variety of service shops to get repairs. These would be ranked of course by online rating systems.

With telematics, all this information will be made easily available. Car repair centers will want to participate because it generates business. Opting out will mean that they won’t show up on the virtual map. The other incentive for businesses is that the system can help cultivate customer loyalty and improve business transparency. Even when you sell your car, the system will keep all the records and bring the car back to the best rated service center.

Diagnostics To Improve Results

So you pick your repair shop and book your appointment online. When you pull into the shop they already have a telematic diagnostic report on hand to give them a head start on repairs: and all the parts needed have been preordered. The data from your visit is sent to the car manufacturer’s database in order to establish trends about possible recalls and potential improvements.

Extended car warranty providers can also use this information to provide the best deal on car repair coverage. Warranty costs could be further reduced by breakdown prevention thanks to maintenance reminders and advanced problem detection/diagnosis.

See You Next Time

When your repairs are done, you’re automatically informed when your next regular service is due. You wisely schedule this in advance to avoid problems with voiding your manufacturer’s warranty.

Greener And Safer

The potential of telematics doesn’t end with just convenience. The better your car works and the more efficient service is, the less fuel gets wasted. Also, the improved safety devices could actually save lives – like alerting you when a fast car approaches from behind.

Stay Covered

A lot of technology is already found on many vehicles. Make sure the repairs to your vehicle are covered with the proper warranty.

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