An extended car warranty is a smart way to keep your car covered in the event of a mechanical failure. Some drivers, however, might benefit more than others when it comes to owning extended coverage. Which category do you fall into?

The Commuter

Commuters rely on their car practically every day. Since getting to work is a priority, you can’t afford to have your vehicle out of commission. Commuting exerts a toll on a vehicle, especially when it comes to city driving. Extended vehicle protection makes sure that if your car breaks down, there is a good chance that the repairs will be covered. Plus, with the rental car benefit, you don’t have to worry about missing even one day of work. Get a free online extended warranty quote now.

The Family Chauffeur

You know who you are. Soccer practice, piano lessons, grocery shopping, and picking up shirts at the cleaners – and that’s all just in one afternoon. These frequent stops can put a strain on your car’s engine making breakdown more likely. A solid extended car warranty will cover mechanical problems that are sure to arise eventually with any family car.

The Traveler Or Long Range Commuter

For those that take long road trips, car mechanical problems can be a worry. Some might even use their car for long distance work trips. The more miles you log, the greater chance for a mechanical failure. These people benefit significantly from extended car warranties since their vehicles take the abuse of long distance driving.  Also, emergency roadside assistance – included with most extended warranties – is good to have when you are a long way from home.

Your Car Is Your Business

If you rely on your car for your livelihood, then an extended car warranty should be near the top of your list of business priorities. Whether you are a pharmaceutical representative or an Uber driver, you are on the road nearly all day. This category of persons relies even more on their car than the commuter, and coverage against mechanical breakdown provides a measure of job security. Get a free CARCHEX instant warranty quote today.

The Student

For students that live off campus and commute to class, the stress on the vehicle might not be as severe as in other cases. However, if a mechanical problem develops, it’s good to have the peace of mind that the repairs and roadside assistance will be covered. That way they can focus on getting good grades and not on car worries.

The Fleet Owner

If your business has a fleet of vehicles, then having them on the road means that business is going well. Extended vehicle protection is vital in this case, since breakdowns are inevitable, especially when more than one driver uses each vehicle. Also, planning your business budget is easier if you know that most car repair costs will be covered in the warranty.

Find The Best Quote

If you want to be covered in the event that your car breaks down, take advantage of the free CARCHEX online quote system. CARCHEX access to multiple extended warranty providers creates a marketplace competing to win your business. This means low cost for you. Call 877-CARCHEX to speak to a live representative today or get a quick quote online.

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