The Chevy Camaro is one of the most iconic American cars ever. From Fast & Furious to Transformers, the Camaro continuously captures the attention of car culture. But even the mighty Camaro can have mechanical problems sometimes. Let’s look at some common Camaro mechanical problems, theirs symptoms, and associated costs. The factory Chevy warranty is 36 months/ 36,000 miles.

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Slow Windows

You might notice that your Camaro electric windows move very slowly, or even not at all. This can occur intermittently or maybe just when the window goes up or down. Camaro owners see this more commonly in models with over 99,000 miles.

Many owners report this problem occurring eventually in both driver and passenger side windows. The cost to replace the automatic window motor is around $275 per side, parts and labor.

Clutch Woes

When the clutch in a Camaro starts to go bad, you might feel it slipping or shaking. You might also notice the clutch pedal becomes difficult to depress. A damaged clutch can be due to transmission fluid or engine oil leak, and some shops recommend replacing seals for prevention.

Camaro clutch replacement costs vary from $670 to $900. The parts alone run you around $200. Typically, the factory warranty expires before the clutch fails. 

Water Water Everywhere

If your vehicle suddenly overheats, it could be that you forgot to fill the coolant tank, or there’s a leak. Failing water pumps can leak, make noise, and lead to drive belts damage. If you have a water pump problem, make sure your mechanic checks the entire cooling system.

Water pump replacement on a Camaro will cost you around $300 – $400. Since the labor alone can be up to $250, replace the pump yourself if you can.

T-Top Leak

There’s nothing like a Camaro T-Top, except when it leaks. Make sure you are careful removing and replacing the top covers since the seals can get damaged. The fix involves replacing the entire weather strip on the affected side.

Some Camaro owners find this a difficult problem to resolve if the work is not done carefully. T-Top leak is more common in older Camaros. The repair cost could be around $125 per side.

Rough Running Engine

If you notice your Camaro runs rough, especially when first starting, you might have a head gasket problem. Damaged head gaskets can make the engine run irregularly especially after the car has been sitting overnight. In some cases, the roughness subsides after a few minutes of driving.

A leaking headgasket might leak engine coolant into the oil compartment, making the oil look like chocolate milk. You might also notice the oil level to be higher than normal.

Camaro head gasket repair cost ranges from $1,150 – $1,500. This repair takes time, so the labor alone runs around $1,200. Parts cost around $55 – $95.

When your Chevy factory or extended warranty expires, An extended vehicle protection plan can pay for costly repairs. Sign up for a free quote now.

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