The Italian Fiat 500 has been reborn. Upon reaching the US, the stylish hatchback won the hearts of many enthusiasts and owners alike. Still, even the 500 can have a breakdown. Let’s take a look at some potential Fiat 500 mechanical problems and their associated costs.

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Bad Clutch

If you notice your Fiat 500 clutch slipping, or it if it’s hard to press down, then you better take it in to be checked. While the mechanics are at it, make sure they look for any leaking oil or transmission fluid which can cause clutch damage.

A Fiat 500 clutch replacement will cost you from $500 – $700, parts and labor. If the clutch slave cylinder also needs to be fixed, add on another $300 – $375.

No Fuel?

If you fill up the gas tank, but the car drives as if it’s running on empty, it could be the fuel pump. In some cases the check engine light comes on before any symptoms appear. Eventually, with complete pump failure, the car will stop completely.

Replacement cost for a Fiat 500 fuel pump is around $450 – $550. The parts alone cost around $350.

Oxygen Sensor

When the Fiat 500 oxygen sensor goes bad your vehicle may fail an emissions test. Or you may see the check engine light turn on. Typically you won’t notice any symptoms beforehand.

Oxygen sensors can fail due to contamination with fluids such as oil or coolant. Make sure the garage checks for leaks when the sensor is replaced.

Also, air intake and exhaust leaks can cause an oxygen sensor code to appear in the diagnostics. In this case the leak should fix the problem without needing to replace the sensor.

Fiat 500 oxygen sensor replacement will run you around $120 – $230.

Dim Lights

If your Fiat 500 dashboard lights are dim, it could be the battery or the alternator. Other symptoms include difficulty starting or not staring at all. Even if you jump start your car, a bad alternator won’t charge the battery so the vehicle won’t run for long. Your mechanic can determine if the problem is with the battery or alternator.

The cost to replace a failed Fiat 500 alternator is approximately $350 – $420.

Loud AC

If your AC suddenly starts making loud and usual noises, it may be the AC compressor. You also could have problems cooling the car. Another symptom is an oil or refrigerant leak. Some people use stop leak compounds, but this is only a temporary fix and may even damage the AC system.

Fiat 500 AC compressor replacement costs are from $640 – $750, parts and labor.

After the Fiat factory or extended warranty has expired, an extended vehicle protection plan can pay for expensive repairs. Get a free quote now.

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