Your car’s in the shop. You anxiously wait for the mechanic to call. How much is it going to cost this time?

If this scenario sounds all too familiar, you might consider covering your vehicle with an extended car warranty. But how much does a car warranty cost?

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Quick Car Warranty Basics

An extended car warranty is a plan that pays for unexpected car repairs. This coverage is similar to a factory warranty. If your car breaks down, the bill is paid after any deductible. The best plans pay the repair shop directly, so there’s minimal hassle.

These kinds of plans give you peace of mind whenever your car has an unforeseen mechanical failure. In some cases, repairs can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. An extended car warranty can cover these costs.

How Much Does A Car Warranty Cost Per Day?

For about the cost of a cup of coffee or a soft drink per day, you can get extended vehicle coverage. So if you skip your third Caffe Latte Grande each afternoon, you’ll have more than enough to pay for car repair coverage.

An even better idea is to quit smoking and use the money saved to protect your car. For the cost of only half a pack of cigarettes per day, you can be covered.

How Much Does A Car Warranty Cost Per Week?

A weekly visit to a favorite fast food joint for a family of four once a week will cost more than extended vehicle coverage. Why not skip the junk food, and cover your car repairs instead? Eating at home is healthier anyway.

Still getting the daily paper or weekly magazine delivered at home? Why not go digital and get the same content for free? You’ll be helping the environment, and the money you save could protect your car when it breaks down unexpectedly next time.

How Much Does A Car Warranty Cost Per Month?

For the cost of your monthly cable TV subscription, you could pay for extended vehicle protection. Many online services are now available, offering programing at a fraction of the price of cable. Think about services such as Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Roku to satisfy your TV needs at a much lower rate or for free.

If you swap cell phone plans, you might end up saving enough to pay for a car warranty. As more online services offer free calling options (think FaceTime and Skype) you may no longer need a complex phone plan. Given that WiFi is nearly everywhere, some people even ditch their phone plans altogether. Remember, it wasn’t that long ago when nobody even had cell phone, and we still survived somehow.

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