Most people are unaware that they can order and prepay for a vehicle inspection online. This might not sound like something you want to do because you are unfamiliar with the process There are a lot of questions you might ask like what is included? Will it be worth it? Will it take very long?

These are all valid questions. The following list should give you an idea of what a car inspection ordered online should include:

  • A visual inspection. The mechanic should look the body of the car over. If there are any scratches, paint damage or dents, they should report this back to you.
  • A thorough check for rust damage. This is a good indication that car was not well-maintained. Uneven wear on the tires or rust in the wheel wells may be an indication of this.
  • A test drive. The mechanic should take the car out for a drive. Sometimes the car will look good on the outside, but there might be other issues with the engine.

An inspection might take a few days after you order it. You should always review the procedures for this type of vehicle inspection online. A reliable company will have this type of information on their website.

A vehicle history report, odometer search and/or title issues will not be reported or included in the price of the inspection. However, you should also have these items checked as they are also very important.