Before the Internet existed, the only way to buy a car was by looking in the newspaper or going to the car dealership. Now you can buy a car online. You may find the car of your dreams on the Internet, but it is clear across the country. In cases like this, it’s hard to know what to do in terms of looking it over and making sure it’s in good condition. One popular way to do this is by ordering an online vehicle inspection.

Companies such as CARCHEX allow you to do just that. All you have to do is enter the applicable information into the website and locate a qualified mechanic in the area where the car is located. Once the inspection is complete, you will receive the results in a detailed report.

The inspection offered through is a 155-point inspection. Remember that this is done by a qualified mechanic of your choice. It’s never a good idea to use someone that the seller suggests. Having an independent professional look at the car will protect you from buying a lemon.