It’s happened to everyone–accidentally locking your keys in the car. In this video, Pat Goss shares the most effective and safest ways to get them out without causing any damage.

Video Transcription
Your keys are locked in the car. Now what do you do? Well, I recommend that you don’t use a coat hanger, or even these professional tools. You see, modern cars have changed and there are all kinds of electronic devices inside the doors. Then you take the old trusted and true slim jim that just about everybody has had experience with over the years, jam it down in to a door, you may wind up setting off a side impact air bag or you could damage the keyless entry system on the car. There are all kinds of other things inside the modern door. If you insist on doing it yourself, this is a sample of what you need. This is a tool kit to open the doors on most cars and comes with, as you can see, a rather substantial instruction manual. You’d have to buy something like this additionally, because you need to get access to things which means you have to move the glass so you need a wedge. But you can’t put too much force on that, so you put this air bag in there, pump it up and it gently spreads the area, spreads the glass away from the metal so that you can get the tool into the door. So in most cases buying all of this stuff and learning how to use it for that rare situation isn’t necessary. You’re probably a whole lot better off just to call road service.