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Though Mopar® is mainly known for providing parts and services for cars under the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) brand, it also provides extended auto warranty contracts for any FCA vehicle. But when your factory warranty expires, is a Mopar extended warranty worth it?

Read this guide to learn what extended warranty plans Mopar offers, how to get a quote, and how Mopar’s services stack up to CARCHEX.

Mopar Overview

The name Mopar is a combination of the words “motor” and “parts.” The brand debuted in 1937 as Chrysler’s proprietary brand of antifreeze, and since then, it has grown to provide parts for all FCA vehicles. Today, Mopar is the official parts and services arm of the company.

What Is a Mopar Extended Warranty?

Sometimes referred to as Chrysler extended warranties, Mopar Vehicle Protection plans are factory-backed service contracts. Mopar has a vast network of brand repair facilities across North America, all of which use genuine Mopar parts. The brand offers new and used extended car warranties for the following brands, along with some competitors:

Mopar Vehicle Protection plans have different purchase restrictions depending on the age of the car:

  • New: Vehicles within three years/36,000 miles of their original in-service date (may come with a surcharge after one year/12,000 miles)
  • Certified pre-owned: Vehicles that are within the certified pre-owned limited warranty and have less than 75,000 miles
  • Pre-owned: Vehicles that are no more than 10 model years old and have less than 150,000 miles or vehicles that are within the five-year/60,000-mile powertrain limited warranty and have less than 125,000 miles

If you buy Mopar extended warranty coverage when you buy your vehicle, you can add the cost to your auto loan. Otherwise, you can pay up front or with an interest-free payment plan. To cancel a warranty, you must contact a dealer directly. If you sell your vehicle, you can transfer your coverage to the second owner for a $50 fee.

Mopar Vehicle Protection Plans

The table below lists the two main Mopar vehicle plans and what they cover. Other plans may be available depending on your dealership and your car’s model.

Mopar Vehicle Protection PlanWhat It CoversTerm LimitsDeductible
Maximum Care℠This is most similar to a factory warranty and covers more than 5,000 vehicle components.Up to 8 years/125,000 miles$0, $100, or $200
Added Care PlusThis comprehensive coverage plan protects more than 850 components.5 to 8 years with these mileage terms: 60,000 miles 75,000 miles 85,000 miles 100,000 miles 125,000 miles 150,000 miles$0, $100, or $200

Added Benefits

Each Mopar vehicle warranty comes with a few added perks:

  • Car rental allowance (up to $45 per day for both plans and up to $225 total per occurrence for Added Care Plus)
  • Trip interruption protection (up to $1,000)
  • Roadside assistance and towing (up to $100 per occurrence)

With the Maximum Care plan, these perks expire when the vehicle reaches 100,000 miles. The Added Care Plus and Maximum Care plans have the additional perks of key fob repair or replacement (up to $600 total).

Supplemental Coverage Plans

Mopar also offers three supplemental coverage plans:

Coverage PlanPlan Details
Auto Appearance Care PlanCovers the cost of repairing dings and dents using paintless dent repair, with plans lasting 1 to 5 years
Road Hazard Tire & Wheel Protection PlanProvides full replacement or repair of all four tires if they’re damaged by potholes and other road hazards, with plans ranging from 2 to 7 years
Mopar Vehicle Protection MultiCare LineCovers certain damage caused by construction, car washes and other sources often not covered in standard vehicle service contracts through plans lasting up to 7 years

Mopar Extended Warranty Cost

Mopar doesn’t publish the cost of extended warranty coverage on its website. The best way to learn what Mopar vehicle plan coverage may cost you is to contact an authorized local dealer for a free quote. If you’re not sure where to find an authorized dealer, you can use Mopar’s dealership locator page.

What Affects Mopar Extended Warranty Costs?

When you look for quotes on Mopar extended warranty plans, keep in mind that a few factors will affect how much your coverage costs. These factors include your:

  • Coverage level: In general, the more a warranty covers, the more expensive it will be.
  • Term limits: Warranties with higher mileage or year limits tend to be more expensive.
  • Deductible: If you choose a low or no deductible, your warranty price may be higher.
  • Vehicle details: Costs will vary based on the make, model, model year, and mileage of your vehicle.

CARCHEX Protection Plans

When shopping around for extended warranty plans, consider adding CARCHEX coverage for your FCA vehicle. CARCHEX has over 20 years of experience providing affordable extended vehicle warranties that protect both your car and your peace of mind. CARCHEX plans can last between five and 10 years.

There are five levels of CARCHEX coverage to choose from: 

  • Titanium: Plans at this level contain bumper-to-bumper coverage with just a small list of excluded parts. Coverage is most similar to standard manufacturer warranties.
  • Platinum: These plans cover the vehicle’s major systems. Contracts list hundreds of specific covered components.
  • Gold: A good fit for vehicles with over 60,000 miles, the Gold level provides comprehensive coverage at more affordable prices.
  • Silver: This level provides mechanical coverage for the vehicle’s major systems, including more than just the powertrain.
  • Bronze: These plans cover the most important powertrain parts of the vehicle, including the engine and the transmission.

Benefits of Vehicle Coverage with CARCHEX

Here are a few things you can expect when you get coverage with CARCHEX:

Affordable monthly paymentsWe offer flexible monthly payment plans and low down payments.
Free quotes through CARCHEX DirectWe work with you when calculating your quote, customizing it to your needs, budget, and vehicle.
No-Haggle, Low-Price, Everyday Guarantee™You won’t need to negotiate with CARCHEX agents when looking for an affordable quote. We give you a guaranteed low price up front.
30-day Money Back GuaranteeIf you’re not satisfied with CARCHEX extended warranty services, we’ll give you a full refund within the first 30 days.
Added perksEvery CARCHEX vehicle service contract comes with roadside assistance, gas delivery, rental reimbursement, trip interruption protection, and more.
Choice of repair shopWith access to a network of over 30,000 repair shops, you’ll be able to choose your mechanic. If you’re traveling, you can have confidence that an in-network repair facility is nearby.
Claims paid directly to the repair facilityYou won’t have to wait for reimbursement on repair costs.
Excellent customer serviceWe hold an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
Trusted industry partnersCARCHEX has forged partnerships with RepairPal, Kelley Blue Book, and many other industry leaders.

Call to Get a Quick, Free Quote Today

When the factory warranty on your FCA or Chrysler vehicle runs out, call CARCHEX to get a free, custom quote for our vehicle protection plans. To talk to one of our representatives, give us a call at 866-261-3457.

Quick Facts

New vehicle basic limited warranty: 3 years/36,000 milesMopar Vehicle Protection plans: Up to 8 years/150,000 milesCARCHEX Extended Vehicle Protection plan: Up to 10 years/250,000 miles
Powertrain limited warranty: 5 years/60,000 milesTransferring Mopar Vehicle Protection plans: Yes, for a $50 feeVehicles eligible for Mopar coverage: Chrysler, Ram, Dodge, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, and Fiat

Mopar Extended Warranty: FAQ