Did you know Honda transmissions are susceptible to premature wear because of their unique design? Thousands of miles of torque on the transmission, especially on the friction plates, cause this wear. Other makes and models have transmission problems, but for Hondas it is a real concern.

Tips for your Honda Transmission:

  • Let off the gas a little and don’t ride the gears
  • Shifting before coming to a full stop puts stress on the transmission, so, stop and then shift into first
  • Get your transmission serviced regularly, even if it isn’t having problems
  • Get a Honda extended warranty!

Hondas have a great reputation, but like any car they have problems from time to time. Without a Honda extended warranty, it will cost you between $2,500-$3,000 to fix a transmission problem. Make sure you’re not hit with a bill that you cannot afford. Whether it’s the transmission or another car problem, having a Honda extended warranty can help you avoid a large unexpected expense.