With the help of Pat Goss, we learn that when purchasing an auto warranty, consumers can face several problems. Some companies will use substandard parts and charge extra labor fees.

How can we avoid these issues? By choosing CARCHEX you can be confident that your car and wallet are protected.

The Trust Factor

Great Prices Matched with Great Service

  • Most people purchase their extended auto warranty benefits from an automobile dealer. At the dealer there is often little choice, high markups, plenty of haggling and lots of pressure. CARCHEX offers a better way through its consultative customer experience. CARCHEX leverages its immense buying power to secure the most competitively priced, quality programs on the market. Our customized quoting process matches the best plan to each customer’s driving habits and budget. This translates to great savings and great benefits for our customers each and every day.

Affordable Payment Plan

  • CARCHEX offers flexible and affordable payment plans. This is a great benefit for our customers who can afford a low monthly payment but would have trouble paying for an untimely $3,000 transmission repair.

Warranty Programs

  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Rental Car Benefits
  • Towing Benefits
  • Trip Interruption Benefits

Confidence in Purchasing an Extended Auto Warranty
How confident can you be in the extended warranty, the protection that you buy. Well that depends on the company involved. Being on the receiving end of this business and dealing with a lot of these companies, I can tell you that there are any number of them out there that we would not deal with at all because they wanna use substandard parts, they wanna hang a lot of labor rates, they wanna do all kinds of things that are not beneficial to the vehicle owner, so be very careful where you buy your extended warranty.