Not many people think about their car as an investment until it’s time to sell the vehicle. If you want to conserve your financial position in a vehicle purchase, it pays to know which ones retain their value better than others.

General Trends & Resale Tips

Trucks and SUVs dominate this list, but even top contenders lose significant value over time. One way to boost resale value is to add perks that make your car stand out, like an extended vehicle warranty that carries over to the new owner.

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Here’s the list of the seven best 2015 car and truck resale values on the market today.*

#1: Toyota Tacoma

This model is slated to be redesigned; however, the Tacoma still tops the value retention list. At 36 months the Toyota holds a resale value of nearly 75%, and at 60 months it sells for a respectable 60% of its original price.

#2: Jeep Wrangler

Very off-road compatible but loaded with options, the Wrangler has won the hearts of many owners and used car buyers. The 36 month resale value is nearly 70%, and at 60 months you can sell your Wrangler for almost 59% of its sticker price.

#3: Toyota Tundra

Toyota strikes again with its value retaining full sized pickup. The powerful V8 is likely to get a facelift soon, so if you decide to upgrade you’ll get a good deal on your 2015 Tundra. How good? At 36 months you’ll get 68.3%, and at 60 months 58.4% of your purchase price.

#4: Chevrolet Colorado

The Colorado returned to the U.S. market in 2015 as Chevy’s mid-size pick-up offering. The model’s popularity has taken hold making it a top competitor in the used car resale value race. The 36 month resale value is over 67%, and at 60 months you’ll get a solid 58.3%.

#5: GMC Canyon

Like the Chevy Colorado, the GMC Canyon was re-introduced for 2015. Customers so far seem to be happy with the not-so-full-sized pick up, as do used Canyon buyers. Coming in four-cylinder and V6 versions, the Canyon sells at 66.2% of its original value at 36 months and 57.5% after 60 months.

#6: GMC Sierra

The full-sized GMC Sierra is built to handle big, heavy loads, but it also comes with modern technology such as an advanced all-wheel-drive system. Thirty-six month resale value is 63.7%, and at 60 months it drops to 55.6%.

#7: Chevrolet Silverado

This venerable work horse is the second best selling vehicle in the United States. Last year’s redesign gave the truck more power and efficiency. It resells quite well at around 63% of the original price at 36 months, and at 60 months, the price stands at 55% of the new price.

Boost Your Resale Value

There are many things you can do to make your car last longer and maintain its value. There also things you should avoid that make vehicles lose value.  Finding opportunities to set your vehicle apart from the competition could help you sell your car or truck faster or at a better price. Adding an extended auto warranty may be one way to make your car more attractive.

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*2015 car resale data borrowed from Kelley Blue Book Data.

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