Maybe a used car you are looking at offers a manufacturer’s extended warranty. Or perhaps you are shopping for an extended vehicle protection plan. So the question is:  “Are car warranties transferable?” This is important not only if you are buying a used car with a warranty attached, but also if you think you might sell your car before the warranty expires.

Just Ask

If you already have a manufacturer’s extended warranty, the simplest thing to do is call your provider and ask if the plan is transferable. If it is, then there is probably a transfer fee of around $50. All CARCHEX extended vehicle protection plans are transferable. You can get a free quote online today.

Make Sure You Ask Before You Buy A Manufacturer’s Extended Warranty

If you don’t have coverage, but are thinking of buying, make sure you ask up front if the warranty is transferable. Each provider has their set of rules, and not all manufacturers allow for warranty transfer.

Ask Before You Buy A Used Car

If you are looking to buy a used car with a manufacturer’s extended warranty, make sure you check with the warranty provider before buying the car. The seller might not have verified that their warranty is transferable, so it pays to check this personally to avoid confusion.

Helps Increase Your Used Car Sale Value

Not only does an manufacturer’s extended warranty or vehicle protection plan help cover repair costs, but if you decide to sell your vehicle the warranty or service increases your car’s resale value. It just might be the selling point that leads to your car to be bought over another. So even if you change cars every few years, a CARCHEX extended vehicle protection plan maintains its value. Get a quote online now.

Keep Things In Order

If you want to be certain that your warranty or service contract will be transferred when you sell your car, make sure you:

  • Read carefully all the terms of the warranty or service contract before you buy. Ask up front about the transfer policy.
  • Keep all your documents, contract, paperwork, etc. in a safe place

The Transfer Process

Depending on the warranty or service contract, you probably will have to pay a fee. You might also have to verify the transfer in writing. Some plans require a car inspection before transferring the warranty or service contract. Finally, the transfer might have to be processed within a limited time frame in order to be valid. Again, ask all your questions about this process before buying.


Extended vehicle protection plans cover many maintenance costs, and the plans also increase the value of any vehicle. The plans can be transferred in some cases. It pays to ask before you buy an extended warranty or before you purchase a vehicle with an plan already in place.

At CARCHEX, all extended service plans are transferable. Feel free to call us toll free at 1-877-CARCHEX (1-877-227-2439). Or get a free, fast, online extended quote now.

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