You have to be a successful negotiator to make sure you get the best new car for the right price. Sales reps and dealer management are already skilled in keeping prices as high as they can for their business bottom line. Use the following negotiating tips to save you money when purchasing a new car:

  • Stay your course. Do your homework so you know when the dealer will earn a profit. You should also know exactly what you want to pay. When the sales rep tries to deter you from that figure, keep short and to the point answers. Don’t sway from your price.
  • Visit the dealership when dealers need to make sales. Late in the day and the end of the month are times when reps are likely to meet your price because of need and fatigue. Make sure you have plenty of time and stay as long as it takes, even if it is closing time.
  • Usually in negotiations, the person who mentions price first, loses. You should always let the sales rep start the negotiations. If you mention money, you might seem excited and anxious. Sales experts will exploit that. Don’t discuss a price until the end.
  • Always ask about the car warranty and what it includes. You may want to negotiate what is included in the warranty.