The Toyota Prius is a technology packed road machine. The full-hybrid electric car continues to set the standard in its vehicle class. But even the legendary Prius can have mechanical problems at some point. Let’s look at some common Prius repair problems, when they occur, and their associated costs.

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Display Goes Black

This problem has been reported by numerous Prius owners. The center multifunction display may light up only intermittently or not at all. This can lead to problems with climate, navigation, and radio functions. Sometimes poorly soldered internal connections lead to this breakdown.

In most cases you can still drive the Prius when this failure occurs. Some models have steering wheel controls that may or may not work for radio and AC control.

This problem is more common after 97,500 miles. Reported repair costs can vary widely, anywhere between $2,000 to $7,000.

Check Engine Light

Unfortunately, even high technology doesn’t save us from this dreaded little light. In the Prius, it’s often due to a failed three-way coolant control valve. This problem becomes more common around 104,000 miles.

Coolant control valve replacement costs also vary widely from $300 to $700, parts and labor included.

Is The Tank Full Or Empty?

If you fill up your Prius gas tank, but the gauge doesn’t move, it’s not a hole in the tank. The gas gauge may get stuck on empty or partially full. Some owners even report having run out of gas on the road due to this failure. The fuel gauge defect appears more often in models with 103,800 miles or more.

Fuel gauge recalibration should fix the problem, but associated repairs may run you up to $1,000.

Power Inverter Coolant Pump Failure

You might just see the check engine light come on at first. Later, the AC may only blow hot air. In many cases, this is due to a power inverter coolant pump failure. This breakdown appears more often in models with over 95,400 miles.

If you’re lucky, this failure might fall under a recall. Or if your Prius is still under warranty, the costs should be covered. If not, you’ll have to pay out of pocket.

High Cost Of Technology

There’s no doubt that the Toyota Prius is an auto engineering marvel. But when breakdowns occur, the repairs may be more costly.

Many expert technicians recommend an extended auto warranty when the factory warranty expires. These plans cover unexpected cover repair costs even for complicated technical breakdowns.

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