Our detailed used car inspection reports include the condition of body and paint, dents, scratches, tires and wheels, glass, interior, missing parts, oil leaks, electrical items, and drive train performance. Our highly qualified technician will travel to the vehicle to perform a 155 point pre-purchase inspection. Get a car inspection today

Our *used car inspection* report includes the condition of body and paint, dents, scratches, tires and wheels, glass, interior, missing parts, oil leaks, electrical items, and drive train performance. When possible, the vehicle may be test driven to verify transmission and engine operation. The inspector will look over the interior and exterior of the vehicle for any obvious damage.

To see a full list of what our used car inspection entails, please review one of our sample vehicle history reports.

Note: While CARCHEX inspectors try to test drive most vehicles during a used car inspection, they may not test drive a vehicle for a number of reasons. These reasons could include, among others, a refusal of the vehicle’s current owner to allow a test drive, weather conditions or accessibility of suitable test drive conditions or facilities. Please review our full disclaimer for additional details.

Most of our inspectors are experienced, ASE-certified mechanics who have been active in the automotive industry for several years.
Our inspectors do not use any diagnostic equipment.
Because of the extra liability inherent with the removal of any component from a vehicle with the use of tools, we do not offer a compression test at this time.
For your convenience, the inspection is done curbside at your home or office; therefore, the auto inspectors do not typically have access to a lift.
The report is filled out by the inspector on our website and made available to you when it is completed. We do have several sample vehicle inspection reports available for you to review on our site.
The auto inspector does not call from the vehicle location. You will be able to view the used car inspection report and the photos on our website once the report has been completed and reviewed.
Most vehicle inspections are completed within 2-3 business days from date the order is placed. The actual time depends greatly on the regional inspection order volume as well as the schedule and cooperation of the vehicle owner/seller. Once a used car inspection has been completed, a report will be submitted by the inspector, reviewed for quality assurance and delivered via email usually within 1 business day.

Order progress may be tracked in the Customer Login section of this website. Feel free to contact customer service for any questions regarding an existing order. Please include your order number with any inquiries.

Inspections are typically conducted during business hours Monday through Friday. All orders received on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays will be processed the following business day. We do not currently offer weekend service.
The used car inspection is not guaranteed because the vehicle is fully assembled for the inspection and the inspector cannot see the internal components of the vehicle, including transmission or the engine. There is the possibility of impending failures that are not evident at the time of the inspection, therefore any used car inspection cannot be guaranteed.

We do however work very hard to perform used car inspections in an accurate manner. If you believe there are inaccuracies within the report, you may submit them to our Review Board for consideration of a partial refund. Due to the complex mechanical nature of automobiles and inability for any physical inspection to guarantee continued performance of vehicles, all submissions must be received by CARCHEX within fourteen (14) days of the report being delivered. Submissions may be sent to:

ATTN: Inspection Review Board
118 Shawan Road, Suite 210
Baltimore, MD 21030

Included in the submission should be explicit evidence that the inaccuracy was present at the time the inspection was performed. Should the inaccuracy be confirmed, a refund may be authorized. In any event, the remedy will be no greater than the purchase price of the inspection. Click here to view our complete Terms of Service prior to purchasing.

The inspection does not include a background check of the vehicle. The inspector only performs a physical inspection of the vehicle. Our G level car inspection package includes a vehicle history report — a valuable tool which may impact your decision to purchase or pass on a vehicle.
If the used car inspection is canceled before the inspector has departed to complete the used car inspection, CARCHEX will refund the full amount less a service fee of $25. If you request a cancellation and the inspector has already departed or performed the used car inspection, there will be no refund. If our inspector goes to the site and the seller does not have the vehicle available for the used car inspection, you will be charged the full amount of the inspection as long as the inspector has made contact and set up an appointment to perform the inspection. This policy is in place to ensure our inspectors get paid for their time and commitment to be at the used car inspection site at the agreed upon appointment time.
The Inspector may ask the seller to drive the vehicle and we will observe the vehicle performance as a passenger if the seller will permit us to do so. If the seller does not want to test drive the vehicle or let us drive the vehicle then we will complete the used car inspection report without the road test. This information will be noted in the report accordingly.
Our Silver Car Inspection Package is a 155-point Pre-purchase Physical Inspection. Our used car inspection report includes the condition of body and paint, dents, scratches, tires and wheels, glass, interior, missing parts, oil leaks, electrical items, and drive train performance. The Silver Inspection Package starts at $129.95.

Our Gold Car Inspection Package includes a Comprehensive 155-point Pre-purchase car inspection, as well as vehicle history report. The vehicle history report provides information on a vehicle’s title, registration and usage history by searching over 16 billion records on more than 320 million vehicles. Each report displays the results of a comprehensive search for major accident damage, salvage or junk vehicles, mileage discrepancies or odometer rollback, lemon vehicles, and more. The Gold Inspection Package starts at $139.95.

Note: Prices may vary by ZIP code and by vehicle type. In some circumstances there may be an additional mileage fee; CARCHEX will get your approval in advance before adding any mileage fees should they apply in your particular case.

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