For family or friends, car related gifts are always popular. Let’s take a look at some of the smarter automotive gifts available for any season.

An extended auto warranty is a great gift idea. Make sure their repairs are paid for. Get a free quote from CARCHEX now.

Cars As Gifts

What better car related gift than an actual car? And it just so happens that December is one of the best months for car buying. According to recent yearly sales transactions, the largest discounts occur at year’s end at an average of 7.5 percent.

Which Model?

If you’re going to gift a car, give careful consideration to the make, model, and color.  On of our favorites for this season is the Nissan Juke. It’s sporty, costs around $20K, and gets great ratings. If you want to give something roomier with four doors, the Honda Accord or BMW 3 Series will never bring a frown to the gift recipient.

Also, don’t be afraid to buy used, especially if the vehicle is for a teenage driver. We like the 2009 Subaru Forester which will only cost you about $9,000. The all-wheel drive will be safer for your young driver when the roads get slick.

Car Gadgets

With new Internet and wireless technology, there’s a car gadget for everyone on your gift list. How about a real time car tire pressure monitor? Just install the caps on the tire valves and download the app to your smartphone. If the tire pressure gets low, you get an alert.

Then there’s a whole host of USB chargers that look like Star Wars characters, Knight Rider consoles, and even a mock Flux Capacitor. Your nerdy movie buffs will love your for it.

Also, there’s the app that starts your car and even warms it up from a distance. Don’t make your loved one venture out into subzero temperatures ever again to thaw out their car.

One of our favorite gadgets is the Zubie vehicle tracking and monitoring module. Track location, trip history, and engine and battery health. You can even automatically inform family of your location while travelling.

Car Experiences

Every car enthusiast will love this. Give a racecar driving experience behind the wheel of a real race machine. You can choose from stock car, Ferrari, or dragster. This real deal experience comes in two options: you can ride alone with a pro driver to get the fastest experience possible, or you can get behind the wheel and go full throttle on a closed race track.  If you prefer an off road experience, there are Land Rover excursions as well.

Car Warranty

A car warranty is a lasting gift and one that will be remembered.  An extended car warranty covers unforeseen breakdowns, so there’s no more worry about unexpected auto repair costs.  The next time your loved one’s car has a mechanical problem, they’ll be sure to thank you.

An extended auto warranty will pay for their costly repairs. Get a free quote from CARCHEX today.

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