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When people shop for auto warranties for used cars, a common mistake is not knowing the benefits of purchasing an extended warranty. The financial gains can be substantial and you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re protected in case something unexpected happens on the road. Let the team at CARCHEX help you find extended protection today.

Why People Buy Auto Warranties for Used Cars

Consider the benefits of used car warranties and why people choose to purchase them.

Auto Warranties Made to Fit Your Needs
A warranty for a used car can be customized to fill the gaps not covered by the factory warranty. For instance, suppose your electrical systems are covered for 3 years while your transmission is covered for 6. Or what if the original warranty is expired? Auto owners should seek flexible auto warranties that fit their needs.

Keep Your Money in Your Pocket
Did you know auto repair costs continue to increase every year? As time passes and your car experiences breakdowns, you could be the one to pay those costs. Also, car manufacturers are placing design patents on replacement parts, which is artificially driving up the costs for you. Protection from an extended warranty will protect you from all of these ever-increasing repair costs.

An Extended Warranty Makes It Easier to Sell Your Car
Having an auto warranty for your used car can make it easier for you when it’s time to sell. Extended warranties can be transferred between owners, which increases the resale value of your vehicle.

Do You Need a Used Car Warranty?

Is buying an auto warranty on a used car necessary? If your car is known to be unreliable or tends to need a certain repair at a certain mileage, an auto warranty can help you be prepared for big costs. Remember that the extended warranty doesn’t kick in until the manufacturer warranty expires. At that point, you can decide if and what kind of extended car warranty meets your needs.

Ask yourself these questions as you consider purchasing a used car warranty:

  • How old is your car?
  • What’s your car’s mileage?
  • Are there common repairs for your make and model? 
  • Have you had several issues with your car?
  • Do you plan on selling your car?
  • What auto warranty company do you want to use?

Car warranty and insurance experts at CARCHEX can help answer your questions and determine the right plan for your vehicle.

Tips for Buying a Used Car

What are the steps for buying a used car? Here are our suggestions:

  • Do your research. Compare makes, models, and prices. Think about what kind of car works for your needs and budget.
  • Get a vehicle history report so that you can be confident you’re purchasing a healthy vehicle. Find out if there are any repairs coming up.
  • Talk to the seller. Ask them questions, including whether you’ll inherit an extended warranty and why they’re selling the car.
  • Test drive the car. Listen for noises, check the tires, look for dents and scratches, and think about whether it’s comfortable and roomy enough.

Types of Warranties for Used Cars

At CARCHEX, our car warranty and insurance experts have a selection of industry-leading protection plans that put your mind at ease.

used car protection plans from CARCHEX

Benefits of Used Car Auto Warranties from CARCHEX

CARCHEX customers enjoy these benefits along with their extended vehicle protection plan:

  • All coverage levels include 24/7 roadside assistance, rental cars, towing, gas delivery, trip interruption services, and more.
  • Customer service is a priority for our team. In fact, we promise Customer Experience Above All.
  • Unlike dealership warranties, CARCHEX plans allow you to work with your own trusted mechanic and use any brand for parts.
  • CARCHEX keeps your budget in mind and offers a No-Haggle, Low-Price, Everyday Guarantee™ along with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Payments are made directly to the auto shop instead of you paying upfront and being reimbursed.

Finding Auto Warranties That Are Right for You

CARCHEX makes shopping for a used car warranty easy. Our A+ customer service rating from the Better Business Bureau ensures you’ll find the best deal that fits your driving habits. Our protection specialists offer support and service online and over the phone toll-free at 866-261-3457. Get a free warranty quote online today.   



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