How to Find the Best Third-Party Car Warranty

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Shopping for a car warranty is not much different than shopping for a car—you need to go in knowing what you can afford, what the best companies offer, how to spot a red flag, and how to find the plan that best suits your needs, driving habits, and budget. 

What Makes the Best Third-Party Car Warranty?

Best Third-Party Car Warranties

While vehicle owners may be looking for different kinds of coverage in a warranty plan, there are some qualities that set apart the strongest third-party warranties. 

Here are three major considerations you should make before signing any warranty contract. 


The best third-party car warranties can be tailored to your needs.

Amount of Coverage

For example, are you concerned mostly with the vehicle’s major systems like the engine, transmission, and fuel supply system? (These are often the most expensive to repair.) Or do you want comprehensive coverage, what’s often known as bumper-to-bumper, for your car’s components?

Make sure your warranty covers as little or as much of your car as you want.

Length of Coverage

How long do you plan on keeping the car? The length of your warranty coverage can affect your price. And if you plan on selling your vehicle, a transferrable extended warranty can really boost its resell value.

Choose a warranty plan that has a term length that makes sense for your long-term plans.

Benefits and Extras

The best third-party car warranties include benefits that extend beyond the basic plan. For instance, it’s great if your car repair is paid, but what do you drive while your vehicle is in the shop?

Here are the added benefits that your warranty should provide:

  • Flexible, low monthly payment plan options
  • No down payment
  • Claims paid directly to repair shop (so you don’t have to wait around for reimbursement)
  • Your choice of repair shop
  • Towing, rental car, and gas delivery services
  • Trip interruption services 
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Money back guarantees
  • Insured plans

Third-Party Warranty Benefits and Extras

Reputation and Accreditation 

The length of time a third-party warranty provider has been around is one signal of its reliability and success in the industry. Seek out companies that have a lengthy history of solid customer satisfaction and are recognized by industry authorities like the Better Business Bureau (BBB),, MotorWeek, RepairPal, CARFAX, and Thoroughly Reviewed.

BBB Accreditation

In order to receive accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, a company must demonstrate the ability to create and maintain consumer trust over a long period of time. When selecting your warranty provider, prioritize warranty companies with this accreditation.

Find the Best Third-Party Car Warranty for You

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