Buying a Warranty for Your Car

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Do you know what to look for when buying a warranty for your car? The experts on all things auto warranties and insurance can help. CARCHEX is here to help you understand your different warranty options, what's covered, and how to find the right one for you. Read on to learn more.

Buying a Warranty for Your Car

Know Which Car Warranty to Buy

There are a handful of different types of warranties to choose from: 

Bumper-to-bumper warranty

Though no warranty covers everything between your bumpers, this is typically the most comprehensive warranty available from a manufacturer, covering most components except for tires, the powertrain, and items that normally wear with age (filters, oil, etc.).

Powertrain warranty

This covers the big, expensive components that make the car run, such as the engine, transmission, and drivetrain. This is usually coverage that auto brands offer new car buyers to sweeten the deal.

Extended warranty

Extended warranties cover you beyond the life and coverage of the factory warranties. Many drivers choose extended warranties even before their factory warranties expire to save money and ensure peace of mind in the event of a big repair bill. 

Choose the Right Extended Warranty for You

When you're looking to buy a warranty for your car, first make sure that you know the car’s quirks, like which repairs that make and model typically needs. Sites like RepairPal are great for this kind of research. Make sure the warranty you choose covers those repairs and more.

Exclusionary Warranties — According to Popular Mechanics, when you choose an “exclusionary warranty” (a warranty that lists only the things that are not covered), you face less risk of having a claim denied. This type of warranty makes it easier to understand the limits of your coverage. 

CARCHEX Offers Choice & Service

No matter the warranty you choose, make sure your warranty provider will address your needs. Your warranty provider should be willing to work with you to tailor your car's protection plan to your needs, driving habits, and budget.

CARCHEX backs its warranties with a reputation for exceptional customer service and a 30-day money back guarantee. When vetting car warranty companies, you'll find CARCHEX at the top. As a result, CARCHEX has earned an A+ customer service rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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