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A used car can prove to be a great bargain for your buck, but you never truly know what you’re getting into. That’s why an extended warranty can be a smart investment for anyone buying a used car.

Considering A Used Car Warranty

Here are three good reasons why coupling an extended warranty with a used car can be a good idea.

1. Extended warranties can be customized.

The new warranty programs offered by manufacturers for new cars typically feature coverages that vary in both years and mileage for different parts. For example, the air conditioner may only be covered for three years while the muffler is covered for five years and the body is protected from rust for 10 years. When you buy a used car and the warranty is transferred, you may end up with coverage for only certain parts of the car.

An extended warranty can be tailored to fill in the gaps left behind by the original warranty and provide coverage for any expired parts or service.

2. Repairs are becoming more expensive.

Today’s new cars are being built with an abundance of technology that can be difficult and expensive to fix. An extended warranty that provides coverage for a complex audio system or safety feature can save you from a pricey fix down the road.

Plus, car manufacturers have begun placing patents on replacement parts, which have driven up the cost of repairs.

3. An extended warranty can help with resale.

Many extended warranties are transferable from one owner to the next. So if you’re looking to sell your used car, complementing it with an extended warranty can increase its value and make it more appealing to buyers.

Finding an Extended Warranty for Your Used Car

CARCHEX is your source for finding an extended warranty for your used car. We have collected the best and most affordable warranties on the market to make it easy for you to find the right coverage for your needs all in one place. Get a free quote today and work with a CARCHEX Protection Specialist to enhance the investment in your used car. Call us toll free at 866-261-3457



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