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So you're thinking about purchasing an extended car warranty. You've heard about so-called scams and some horror stories of claims not being covered. With a few tips and some up-front knowledge, you'll be able to steer clear of scams and come away with peace of mind. Here's how to find an extended warranty that fits your needs. 

How to Get the Best Extended Warranty 

Extended Warranty Shopping TipsShopping for an extended warranty really isn't much different than buying your car—you always want to do your homework on the front end. Keep the following tips in mind when shopping for an extended warranty:

Read the Fine Print

It may seem obvious, but many people blindly sign without understanding what their policy actually says. Make sure you read it front to back and ask plenty of what if? questions.

Be in It for the Long Haul

Eventually, all cars experience breakdowns. It's inevitable. Keep that in mind so you can get the best protection and the best bang for your buck.

Go Big 

You'll find that there isn't much difference between a lower-level protection plan and the coverage at the top of the list. Don't cut corners. If you're gong to purchase an extended warranty, go big—it will pay off in the long run. 

Questions to Ask When Purchasing an Extended Warranty

Before you sit down to sign, have a couple of questions ready for the warranty provider. Here are some key questions to have ready when purchasing an extended warranty:

  • How long are the terms? Get a clear start and stop date for the policy so there are no surprises.
  • Exactly what parts and systems are covered? Contracts can be long and wordy, so make them state your coverage in plain language.
  • Where can I take my car for repairs? Don't tie yourself to using only a dealership for your repairs.
  • What is the monthly cost and deductible? This may affect what you can afford on a monthly basis.
  • Can I change my mind if I'm not satisfied? Confirm the cancellation policy and make sure they stand by their product.

And like most big purchases, the more research you do before you shop, the better.

Why Not Buy from the Dealership?

Buying from the dealership can cost you more in the long run. Many times an extended warranty is rolled into the car's purchase price, and you end up paying interest on the warranty over time. Purchasing from a third-party provider is a separate buy and will save you money.

Industry-Leading Plans from CARCHEX

A key piece of purchasing an extended warranty is finding a plan that fits your car specifically, so work to make the plan fit your needs. 

Vehicle protection specialists from CARCHEX will work with you to make sure the plan you buy is customized to your driving habits, needs, and budget. That's why we offer five flexible plans, all of which surpass what you'll find at a dealership.

The chart below lays out our five coverage levels. We offer many protection plans within these five levels of protection.

A+ Service and a Track Record for Customer Satisfaction

CARCHEX is committed to Customer Service Above All. That's why we have an A+ customer service rating from the Better Business Bureau and are consistently ranked at the top of the auto protection industry.

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